Disposable Tableware from Nature now in Singapore!

"Borrowed from Nature, returned to Nature"

Our tableware is made from the naturally fallen Areca palm tree sheaths. These sheaths would have naturally biodegraded into the earth in a few months time as waste. Instead they are:

* Collected by farmers

* Thoroughly cleaned by water and air dried completely

* Heat pressed by hydraulic machines and made into different shapes and sizes 

* Packed hygienically for usage

No chemicals used, no trees cut!

Elegant, Sturdy, Stylish yet Sustainable

NatureRustic tableware is committed to make our planet more sustainable. Our Nature-made, Rustic-looking, stylish and sturdy disposable tableware is an excellent upscale alternate to the environment damaging plastic disposables rampantly used. These products are 100% backyard compostable and hence you can party guilt-free and trash the plates without having to worry about damaging the environment.

Parties, Picnics, Festivals, Events!

 Having a party? Use our plastic-free tableware as they are sure to be the center of attraction and a conversation topic you will be proud to talk about! Later, compost them or just dispose them off and put your feet up without having to worry about doing the dishes!

Events, celebrations, office meetings, caterers as well as restaurants - our natural and disposable tableware is sure to appeal all! 

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1.  Can these products be reused?

We understand that it's hard to believe that NatureRustic's areca palm tableware is intended for single-use. They are an excellent replacement to the environment damaging plasticware used rampantly and are fully biodegradable and compostable. Since there are no bonding agents, chemicals or plastic in our product and since it is natural and porous, we do not   recommend washing and reusing them.  We can however  tell you that many of our friends and customers have washed and reused the plates.                                                                               

But please note, these plates may warp and form mold if not dried properly. Hence, we advice you to please use your judgement and when in doubt, err on the side of being cautious. 

 2. Is it safe to put the plates in a microwave, oven, or freezer?

Yes these plates are significantly more durable than any other disposable material available in the market. It’s perfectly safe to heat our plates in the microwave for up to 2 minutes or in an oven up to 350 degrees for 45 minutes (making sure they are at least 6" from heat source). You can also store them in the refrigerator or freezer. 

 3. How do these plates react to heat?

The product has excellent insulating properties and can take heat very well. You can comfortably hold your bowl or plate of hot food without burning your hand!

4. Can these plates hold liquids?

Absolutely! Our Areca plates are lightweight but strong and sturdy. They are ideal for soups, curries and any other hot or cold liquids which will not sag the product.

5. Will these products affect the taste of my food?

No, these plates won’t alter the taste of your food in any way. They also have no chemical or glue on them, so there’s nothing to leach into your food. They are perfectly safe to use.

6. Why do each of these products look different from each other? 

No two things in nature are exactly alike!                                                                                            
Our tableware is made of naturally fallen Areca palm tree sheath and hence no two items are exactly the same! That’s the beauty of our products! Each plate is unique because of the natural texture, color and pattern of the leaf it’s made from.                                                                                      

About Us

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. – Robert Swan

NatureRustic is a Singapore based company supplying disposable tableware made from the naturally fallen sheath of the Areca palm tree.

NatureRustic was born to promote the use of products made from nature and to eliminate the rampant use of plastic disposables. Our nature-made, rustic looking tableware is completely chemical and plastic-free.

We firmly believe that "the danger is real and the damage is real" and hence promote a sustainable lifestyle. 

Man's ever increasing consumerism has brought about a lot of environmental damage and taking action to arrest this damage is the need of the hour! 

While we cannot totally eliminate the use of plastic from our lives, we can certainly reduce it! Single-use plastic disposables like plates, bowls and cutlery are causing a havoc as they cannot be recycled and they use a lot of resources just for one-time use. 

NatureRustic understands that in our time-starved lives, we look for quick and convenient fixes hence the use of disposables have become so widespread. Our natural yet disposable tableware is a perfect solution to this - natural, so our planet is safe and  disposable, so our time and convenience is taken care of!

"feel Good" factor

Just like you feel good after doing some social work or donating towards social causes, you get the "good feeling" when using our products. Because not only have you contributed towards the  betterment of the environment  but you have also helped in the economic growth of the rural folks employed in factories to make these products.  Buying our products keeps them employable and live a better life.